How to Crossfit Your Way Out of Debt

crossfit your way out of debtLaying on the floor in a puddle of sweat, gasping for air, with my heart rate racing is the typical scene of me after completing one of my infamous Crossfit workouts.

Every workout challenges me to the brink of exhaustion, physically and mentally.

It’s so easy to quit. To convince myself that I have nothing left in the tank.

I don’t allow those thoughts to get in my head, though.

I push through it until the workout is complete.

Have you tried to get out of debt, but convinced yourself it was “too hard”. That you’ll never get out of debt.

If so, DON’T!!!

Erase those thoughts immediately.

I filmed this video for my Soldier of Finance blog right after I got done with one of my Crossfit workouts.

When times get tough, push on. If you need help, that’s what The Debt Movement community is here for.