Debt Movement Roundup: Motivational Mojo

2586096615_2d7c5928a5_mOur goal for the Debt Movement is clear: “To help people get out of debt”.

Of course as you all know this is easier said than done.

Getting out of debt is just like any other type of goal you set for yourself, it requires hard work, dedication, and motivation.

Well today we are going to give you the last one, motivation!

Many of us here at the Debt Movement have been in debt once or twice ourselves; we know what it is like. We understand the sleepless nights worrying about who to pay first, the grocery store trips where the cart seems empty, and no cable.

Staying motivated can be tough when it seems as though your whole world has been turned upside down.

This week’s roundup will give you the motivation to power through all of the hurdles you are facing and give you real solutions that work!

Develop an Attack Plan

  • Celebrating Financial Freedom Secure Your Future (Part 1)- Make a Plan “Even more, do you have a specific written plan, and are you taking specific action toward shaping the future that you want for yourself? Are you actually making your future what you want it to be?”
  • Living Debt Free Rocks GET READY FOR SUCCESS! “Set yourself up to succeed and the likelihood of it occurring increases. You must create and stimulate the conditions of your eventual success. There is also such a thing as setting yourself up to fail. Do you continually procrastinate on doing tasks that are perhaps not as enjoyable but necessary to achieve your goal? Well you might as well ditch the goal altogether. Until you are absolutely convinced that your goal is worth all the time, work and sacrifice that it requires, then it just remains a dream in my opinion.”

The Right Frame of Mind

  • On Target Coach Run Your Own Personal Finance Race “Each runner in this personal finance race is unique, so the training methods and running styles will differ slightly, but there are some common core running principals you have to adhere to. Find out what works for you and hit the track.”
  • The Debt Roundup The First Step to Recovery is to Admit You Don’t Have a Budget “The first step to fixing any problem is admission. I had to admit to myself that I was spending my money without a budget. I only knew how much I brought in and what bills I had to pay, but I didn’t go any deeper than that.”
  • Enemy of Debt Ostriches and Finances Don’t Mix “The funny thing is, that story about ostriches putting their head in the sand isn’t true. They’re actually very smart animals, and flatten their bodies and long necks against the ground when danger approaches as to make themselves less visible. They have keen eyesight and watch the approaching threat intensely until they figure out a plan of action.”

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

  • Bible Money Matters 3 Simple Steps To Take To Change Your Financial Life “Stopping at Starbucks isn’t going to break your budget, but stopping there day after day just might. If you buy a $4 latte, for example, and you stop by every work day, you will spend $80 in a month. Of course, everyone likes to complain about the latte factor, but it applies to other financial decisions as well.”
  • And Then We Saved 5 Ways to Get Others On Board With Your New “Spending Less” Lifestyle… “One reason people tend to overspend is due to the perceived peer pressure of others. Keeping up with the Jones’ is something many of us keep attempting despite a lack of funds. It’s easy to think, “If my friends and family are spending on fancy vacations then why can’t I?” These types of thoughts can create a vicious cycle that’ll give you a life of debt, frustration, and even shame.”
  • Wisebread How to Trick Yourself Into Better Credit Card Behavior “Pre-commitment mechanisms are the little tricks we use to keep ourselves on task. Anytime you schedule workouts with your best friend, create mini-deadlines for yourself for a large project, or download software that makes it impossible for you to check your email except at pre-determined times, you are using pre-commitment mechanisms.”

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Suzanne is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor® and Social Media Specialist for CareOne Services, Inc. She supports the Ask the Expert forums as a coach and writes for A Straight Talk on Debt. Suzanne is a divorced, single mom living in Pennsylvania.
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