The Debt Movement Community

The Debt Movement was founded by the concept of community.

The community of people that need help to climb out of their debt traps.

And the community of financial bloggers and financial experts that are willing to support the movement by sharing the movement to their readers or their expertise to those in need.

In only a few days we’ve seen a ton of

blogs and websites write about the Debt Movement – and that number continues to grow! A big thanks is in order for all those who have joined us and who are supporting us. Let’s make this grow even bigger in the weeks ahead!

In the meantime, here is a list of all the people who have written about the Debt Movement so far:

  1. Enemy of Debt, Make 2013 Debt Free… Join the Debt Movement: “Did you ever wonder why New Year’s resolutions never last? Each year as I resolve to quit all the bad habits I developed over the previous year, I always do. But if you take the right approach to a resolution such as ‘getting out of debt’, there’s no reason you can’t be successful.”
  2. Debt Free Squad, Debt Movement: “This January, 2013 will be a GREAT month to start getting financially fit and we are excited to announce that Jeff Rose over at Good Financial Cents is going to help us do that.”
  3. Military.comThe Debt Movement 2013: “Needing some encouragement and motivation?  The Debt Movement , brought to you by my friend Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents  and the folks over at Ready For Zero , might be just the jump-start you need.”
  4. One Money DesignJoin The Debt Movement and Pay Off Your Debt This Year!: “This month Jeff Rose, from Good Financial Cents, Ready for Zero and a bunch of personal finance bloggers (me included) are kicking off a Debt Movement to knock out $10 million of America’s consumer debt!  The goal is get thousands of people serious about paying off debt by pledging to pay off as much as possible between January 1st and April 30th of this year.”
  5. Everything FinanceThe Debt Movement is Here: Will You Join?: “The Debt Movement, brain child of financial adviser Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents, is a movement to help inspire people to pay down their debt.  The goal is for people to pay off a total of $10 million in debt in 90 days.”
  6. Money Smart Life, Get Out of Debt Like a Debt Hero: “The good news is that this year you’ll have some extra help paying down debt.  In the coming weeks I’m going to be releasing a book called “Debt Heroes” to kickoff a collective effort to help people around the U.S. payoff a total of $10 million in debt! Led by Jeff Rose, this Debt Movement will feature several of the people who are in the Debt Heroes book.”
  7. Christian PF, Make 2013 Your Year to Get Out of Debt!: “Having been under the burden of $40,000+ consumer debt, I remember feeling just like a slave to everyone I owed money to.  Many of you know the feeling too.  It’s not fun.  But, on the other hand, the feeling of getting out from under those debt obligations and becoming debt-free is so incredibly liberating that it drives people to make some bold moves to do whatever it takes to get out of debt.”
  8. Careful Cents, What Is Your Debt Story?: “For a few months now, myself and other financial experts and bloggers have been working on a movement to encourage people to change their lives. How are we doing this? By asking you to join the movement, to pay off $10 million in debt over the next 90 days!
  9. The Debt Roundup, Join the Debt Movement and Pay Off Your Debt: “I want to make you aware of this great movement developed by Jeff from Good Financial Cents  and ReadyForZero.  They call it The Debt Movement .  This is a movement that is aiming to help people pay off $10,000,000 within 90 days.  Yes, that is correct, 90 Days!  All you have to do in order to join the movement is provide your email address and join.”
  10. Dough Roller, The Debt Movement – It’s Time to Stop the Insanity: “Debt can destroy lives. I saw my parents struggle with mountains of debt when a business failed. I have friends that let debt drive them into bankruptcy. And my wife and I once had our share of debt. We had it all. We had credit card debt. We both had school loans. We had car loans. And we had a huge home equity line of credit. Today, the only debt we have is our mortgage. So we know firsthand just how liberating it is to be have no consumer debt. But we also know how difficult it is to get out of debt.”
  11. Beating Broke, Knowing Your Debt is the Key to Paying It Off: “Just how much debt do you really have?  If you’ve do a budget regularly, (if not, start) take the time to write down how much you owe to everything you make a payment to.  Keep in in a spreadsheet and update it periodically.  Put a big bold total across the bottom.  Is it a high number?  Use that as motivation to pay it down.”
  12. Money Ning, Get Your Finances On the Right Track with the Debt Movement: “One of the best things you can do for your finances is to pay down your debt. Not only does debt cause stress in your life, since your money is no longer your own, but it also reduces your ability to build wealth effectively. You can’t use your financial resources for your own good (and the good of others) when you’re paying interest straight into someone else’s pocket.”
  13., Best Payoff Tips: The Debt Movement: “The Debt Movement is a project born straight out of the life of Jeff Rose, the movement’s founder. As a young boy, Jeff watched his dad struggle with credit card debt and making sure all the bills were paid. But instead of falling into that same situation, he has educated himself and empowers others to change their lives.”
  14. Credit Karma, The Debt Movement: Wrangle Your Debt in 2013: “Ready for a New Year’s challenge? How about paying down $10,000,000 of debt in 90 days? This week kicks off a debt-payoff project called The Debt Movement.”
  15. Might Bargain Hunter, Getting Out of Debt is a Good Deal All Around: “The problem with buy now, pay later, of course, is that it’s likely that the thing you’re buying will cost more money in the long run.”
  16. Money Beagle, Does Anybody Really Like Debt?: “I’m excited to promote The Debt Movement , whose founders have set a goal to pay off $10,000,000 in 90 days.  Here’s the catch: They’re not going to pay it off.  You are!  Join the debt movement and be part of a group of people that will commit to paying off as much debt in 90 days so that the $10 million goal can be reached.  It sounds awesome!”
  17. Wise Bread, Best Money Tips: The Debt Movement Edition: “The Debt Movement is a 90-day period where the personal finance blogging community with partner ReadyForZero will help people pay off $10 million in debt. $10,000 in debt scholarships  are up for grabs during the debt movement, so don’t miss your chance to win!”
  18. Retire By 40Join the Debt Movement for a Chance to Win Money Toward Debt: “Happy New Year! Today, I want to tell you about The Debt Movement started by Jeff Rose @Good Financial Cents  in partnership with ReadyForZero. They are trying to help people pay off $10 million of debt in 90 days!”
  19. Couple Money, The Debt Movement – $10 Million in 90 Days Challenge: “I’m sure you’re wondering what The Debt Movement is about and how it affects you. Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents and  partners like Ready for Zero have teamed up for a massive project – they’re hoping to get $10 million dollars of debt paid off in 90 days. Yep, you read that – $10 MILLION DOLLARS.”
  20. Bible Money MattersThe Debt Movement: Start the New Year By Joining the Movement and Dumping Debt: “The new year has started and a lot of us are in the process of creating goals for the new year. Among the most popular goals that people set for themselves just about every year is to get rid of debt, and get into a better place financially.”
  21. Free From BrokeThe Debt Movement – Pay Down Your Debt, An Interview with Jeff Rose: “This will be a HUGE 3-month push to pay down debt.  You will have the opportunity to join together with personal finance bloggers as well as people like yourself who are working their way out of debt.”
  22. Budgets Are Sexy, PS: Have You Heard About the Debt Movement: “My friend, and blogger, Jeff Rose is getting a group of people together to pay off $10,000,000 of debt in the next 90 days :) Starting TODAY. If that falls under one of your resolutions for this new year, think about joining us and knocking a big chunk of YOURS out along with us!”
  23. FinCon, Community Spotlight: The Debt Movement: ”You can get involved in the movement by joining the movement yourself, participating in weekly tweets and google hangouts, as well as sharing the movement with your readers.”
  24. Money Plan SOS, Get Out of Debt with The Debt Movement – Interview with Jeff Rose: “Financial Soldier, Jeff Rose, is starting another movement in 2013. He is leading the Debt Squad into a battle with debt and we are taking no prisoners.”
  25. Mom’s PlansThe Debt Movement is Here – Join and Find Support When Paying Off Debt: “We began to attack our debt on October 20, 2011.  It has been a long journey.  There have been successes–and the inevitable setbacks.  In 14 months, we paid down a little over $10,000 in debt. Often, it feels like we will never be debt free, but I keep imagining what life will be like when we have no debt, and that is enough to keep going.”
  26. Penny Pinchin Mom, Join the Debt Movement!: “Starting today, you can join The Debt Movement.  It is a challenge to pay down $10,000,000 (yes $10 million) in debt.  Doing this on your own isn’t easy, which is why you will have several resources at your disposal.  First of all, I have several great articles to help you get started and learn how to pay off your debt (using the same methods we used to pay of $37,000 in debt ourselves).”
  27. Cash Money LifeAnnouncing the Debt Movement: “Every year, millions of people create a list of New Year’s Resolutions. This is a great time to reflect upon the past year, look forward, and make big changes in your life. The most common resolutions often deal with similar topics – health, wealth, faith and family. If you get these major areas of your life right, the rest tends to fall in place.”
  28. I Heart Budgets, 2013 Goals and The Debt Movement: “The holidays are officially over. And I don’t know about you, but we had a blast! And though I’m sad to see them go, I am pretty excited to get on with the New Year and set some awesome new goals to work toward.”
  29. Edward Antrobus, Optimism vs. Depression in the New Year: “I’m not the only one getting excited about paying off some debt. Blogger Jeff Rose and ReadyForZero created the Debt Movement in an attempt to help people pay off $10 million in debt in 90 days. To that end, he has arranged over $15,000 in ‘scholarships’ to help pay off debt to applicants they deem are trying the hardest to overcome their debt.”
  30. Care OneBe Part of Something Big: Join the Debt Movement: “Jeff’s objective is to help readers of the financial blogging community pay off $10,000,000 of debt in 90 days. Lofty goal? Absolutely! But the goal is just the beginning.  This is a debt movement designed to get people talking about and doing something with their debt.”
  31. On Target Coaching, Join the Debt Movement: “Do you need motivation to pay off debt? Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to dump debt, but you’re not sure where to start? I suggest joining the newly started Debt Movement for inspiration, support, and a information on how paying off debt.”
  32. Reach Financial Independence, 13 Money Resolutions for 2013: “Speaking of money goals, today marks the launch of the Debt Movement, initiated by Jeff over at Good Financial Cents. The goal of the movement is to help the community pay $10 million of debt in 90 daysYes, you read that right. Ambitiously awesome, isn’t it?”
  33. Wealthy Turtle, Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche: “Debt sucks.  Watching large chunks of your paycheck go towards credit cards, student loans, car loans, and a mortgage can be disheartening and make you feel like a puppet.  When you are in debt you’re forced to work and earn money that you can’t even enjoy.  Your creditors get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.”
  34. Work Save Live, Do You Want to Pay Off Debt? Join The Debt Movement: “You can join in on the fun and help pay off $10,000,000 worth of debt over 90 days!! If that sounds like your cup of tea, then here’s what will go down…”
  35. Weight Chronicles, Join the Debt Movement and Start Your New Life Today: “What inspired me to start blogging in 2009 was accountability as I worked towards my goal of becoming debt-free. I paid off the last of over $50,000 in non-mortgage debt last February and now know what it’s like to worry about where to invest your money instead of which of the bills to pay this month.”
  36. What Mommy DoesIf You Have Debt to Pay Off, Join a Debt Movement!: “Do you have debt to pay off? Would you like to pay it off sooner rather than later? Well, here’s your opportunity to join hundreds (possibly thousands) others in paying off as much debt as possible in early 2013.”
  37. Money Q and A, Seven Warning Signs of Credit Card Trouble: “Join ReadyForZero and hundreds of other personal financial bloggers, and thousands of real people have gotten together with the Debt Movement as we pay down a mountain of debt… $10 million in 90 days to be exact!”
  38. The Money Principle, Join the Debt Movement! World Domination Coming Up!: “I have never been one for joining movements; but when I needed the support of a group of people who could feel what I am going through I created my own – I started writing on a large website’s forum and started this blog. I made friends for life and this gave me the strength and determination to kick my debt’s butt really big time.”
  39. Happy Simple LivingGet Serious About Eliminating Debt: “If you’re still in debt and longing to get out, I encourage you to make a plan for paying off your balances. You may wish to join The Debt Movement, as I have. It’s a 90-day group effort to collectively and significantly reduce debt, with a group goal of paying of $10 million in debt.”
  40. House of Rose Blog, My Debt Story – The Debt Movement: “There will be debt scholarships. Yes, FREE money…as in OVER $15,000 worth of free money that you can earn to pay down your debt! If that doesn’t get our attention I don’t know what will.”
  41. Good Financial Cents, The Debt Movement: Taking Down $10 Million of Debt in 90 Days, Together: “The Debt Movement is more than just a big number.  It’s about giving people the tools, the motivation and the belief that they can finally taste financial freedom.”
  42. ReadyForZero Blog, Let’s Pay Down $10 Million in Debt: “So why $10 million? Because we’re convinced that by working together and sharing lessons, inspiration, and encouragement with each other we can help you and anyone else with debt reach financial freedom faster.”
  43. Chuck Rylant, Annihilate Your Debt: “Does the money you pay to creditors frustrate you more than the original happiness you were trying to find when you bought things on credit?”
  44. The Debt Myth, $10,000,000: “The real goal, though, is something even more important: creating a community that can band together to annihilate debt and become financially free. After all, it’s your life that will change for the better when you’re no longer shackled by debt.”
  45. Hull Financial Planning, Credit Card Debt and Drug Addiction: Are They Related?: “This post is in honor of the Debt Movement, the brainchild of Jeff Rose, a movement with the goal of getting people to pay off $10 million in debt in the first four months of 2013.”
  46. Brad Chaffee, If You’re In Debt, Let 2013 be the Year of Debt Elimination: “Being $26k in debt, we were finally ready to end the cycle of surviving paycheck to paycheck and the constant struggle of crisis living. We were treading water and if we didn’t do something radical we would eventually find ourselves with a much larger debt load and smaller chance of retiring with dignity down the road.”