Debt Scholarship Application

This is the first attempt on earning real money towards paying off your debt.

Remember: Final winners will be picked based on transparency. The more open you are about you debt struggles as well as your plan of attack to pay off your debt for good, will go into making the final decisions on selecting the winners.

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  • B.A.D.

    This is so great! Thank for taking time to post this and create the survey. I know it’s a long shot, but every chance to find a way out of debt helps keep the hope alive.

  • Stacey Paller

    Thank you for this opportunity to help pay down my debt a more quickly and being on the road to financial freedom for my family.

  • Diane Sommer

    Thank you for this opportunity! I hope to be going even faster down the road to financial freedom, so I can live like no other, and enjoy life with my 2 kids and husband.

  • Lisa McConnell

    I am praying that my family is chosen for this amazing opportunity as it would be a blessing that would allow us to get out of debt so that we can live as God intended and no longer be a slave to debt.

  • Lacey Hoosier

    This is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for people in difficult situations that are ready to make a change. Thank you so much to the sponsors that have made this possible and may God be with all of you that are starting this wonderful journey to financial freedom.

  • lkm

    Thank you for this opportunity to get us back on track and keep us going in the right direction. We have to work together to make this successful and we are ready to work hard to improve not only our financial situation but also our marital relationship. Relationships suffer when finances are in bad shape. Thanks again

  • Angel Windley

    Thanks for the opportunity to get ahead of my financial situation and prepare a better future for my daughter and myself.

  • Leigh Ann Brewer

    I work with an slightly older, much wiser lady who has been wonderfully encouraging about budgeting and getting debt free. She has given me tools to use, words of encouragement, prayers and she seems to be free from monetary stresses. She and her husband are 55+ and this past year they became debt free. My husband was just promoted at work, we have two children in school and the oldest will be graduating in May. Our goal this year is to become debt free. We think that it would be the greatest Christmas gift to ourselves and for our family! Thank you for the tools that you are making available to help make this easier.

  • Shannon Steuber

    I am very grateful for this resource that you are providing for the community. Thank you!

  • Karen Tripp

    Looking forward to getting out of this debt cycle that has been going on for way too long in my life. I am so happy to have found this website~There is hope for me yet.

  • disqus_lBOwNjSdms

    I’m excited and hopeful to have a chance to free my family and myself from the chains of debt and finally getting some sleep!

  • Guest

    I applied! this is a great opportunity for whoever wins! Thanks for sharing

  • Angela

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’m excited to continue the journey and get my family out of debt. Less debt = less stress = happier life!

  • Carolyn

    WOW- what an opportunity! Thanks for providing it and the opportunity to apply. :) And I agree- “this is a GREAT opportunity for whoever wins!”

  • Sandra

    I probably am not who this committee is looking for, but there is no safety net for people like me who are unable to work due to illness, and have years to wait before being able to prove my case to Social Security for disability help. I have been scrounging to keep up with medication to stay alive by selling my belongings, furniture and jewelry that I love. I am doing everything I can to try to keep up with payments, but creditors do not care that I have no income and no money. They just keep hounding me to pay large monthly payments. I can’t get a loan to consolidate my debts that I ran up while seeking medical diagnosis, I can’t seem to get a buyer for my house or car. I would be homeless if I weren’t living in my parents’ basement. So I’m not the kind of candidate you’re looking for since I have no income, but I have to try anyway because nobody will help me. There is no government safety net unless you can afford to wait 3 years without income. I went from being an independent single woman, a teacher, a homeowner, and now spend my days in pain, napping because of fatigue and reading email. Praying not to succumb to illness, trying not to stress every time a bill collector sends a threatening letter. This is not a country that helps the sick or poor. If you get ill and can’t work, you should come up with a death plan, because you have a strong chance of dying while waiting for poverty-level assistance to become available.

  • Edwardo Cuellar

    I am just thankful there is an opportunity out there to change a life.

  • Karen Jackson

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • joe

    Phew…just applied. Sometimes it’s hard for me to talk about my debt struggles but I hope that I can share my story with everyone! Goodluck to everyone who applied!

  • Farice Parton

    Thank you all so much for this. It wasn’t hard to spill my guts, I talk too much sometimes. LOL But this is the right thing to talk about especially now. Ready to blast our debt into outer space.

  • Jessi

    How wonderful it is, that given whether I (or the others that applied) win or not – there is even an opportunity for this type of “scholarship” to exist. That there is good people out there who recognize that everyone is fighting their own battle and trying to work their way out of it. That not everyone is just talking behind their backs or hounding them or saying they give up on you. These strangers who we may never meet in person are willing to listen to us, cheer us on and even potentially give us money just in exchange for us being transparent and working our butts off! So thank you and I wish everyone a successful journey this year :)

    • Stephanie

      Well said and good luck to you as well.

  • Pamela McNeff Smith

    I am excited! And so ready to be done with this… Hallelujah!!

  • Ericka Martin

    Wow! I applied. I was so nervous, but the more I thought about the questions and my responses, the more I understood the need for transparency. Good luck to everyone. I want to get it right this time!

  • David

    I need debt help. I know I do. I just don’t trust myself in finding the right person or group to help me. Credit counseling is not the answer. Reducing my debt to pay it off is not going to help me in the long run; smart financial knowledge is the only thing. I am grateful for this coming into my life right now.