Debt Scholarship Sponsor: David Ning, MoneyNing

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What is your background with debt and how did you conquer the financial obstacles in your life?

David Ning here, a proud father or two trying to create an enjoyable and nurturing environment for my family. I started a personal finance website in 2007,, which discusses every daily personal matters like frugal living tips and ways to get out of debt.

Personally, the combination of making more money, realizing how spending decisions today can affect my future and the desire to my family of money worries have laid a well-lid path for me towards financial freedom.

How did you discover you had a desire to help other people overcome their debt problems?

Everything developed pretty naturally. I really just started as an interesting exercise. I was fascinated with growing a website, and wrote about money matters without much aim at the beginning.

Pretty soon though, it became obvious that what we write about actually gets read and that’s when it dawned on me that we can actually help the masses with our choice of words.

As the site grew in popularly, some readers were kind enough to directly email thank you notes to me, which often made my day. It was those encouragements that solidified my desire to continue on because there’s no better feeling than to know that what you are doing is making a difference in people’s lives.

What is your WHY (or the company’s why) behind wanting to be a sponsor of the Debt Movement?

One of the most powerful but unfortunate financial evolutions of the modern era is the access of debt at the consumer level. Without the burden of debt, I bet many families could spend time enjoying life instead of slaving away to pay for all those interest expenses.

I’ve always preached the idea to people around me, but I often felt like I was going nowhere because being in debt is just so common these days.

When Jeff mentioned that he was starting an initiative to help a community of people pay off $10 million in debt, I jumped at the opportunity to sponsor because I knew any additional help I could provide would be multiplied and become much more effective than if I were to just do it alone.

What’s the biggest hurdle you see people face when they first decide to pay off debt?

There are many tips and tricks to pay off debt (and we include 25 debt shaving tips here), but the biggest obstacle people face is the lack of motivation.

People just don’t see a point in becoming debt free, which is how all the excuses to keep being in debt can creep in. When I try to help someone get out of debt, the first thing I ask is why – why do you want to get out of debt?

Get fired up about the reasons why you want to stay free and it will provide the necessary motivation for you to get out and stay out.

What’s your number one piece of advice to help people stay out of debt for good?

Talk to and get to know people who are debt free. Spend some conscious time thinking about their lifestyle versus yours and how your life will change once you no longer have the burden and payments. Often, the freedom will help you stay out for good.


MoneyNing is one of the Debt Movement’s Debt Scholarship Silver Sponsors, and is a personal finance blog where they share insights on carefully saving money, investing, frugal living, coupons, promo codes because the little things matter in achieving financial freedom!