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    Jeff Rose
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    For some people who are ready to pay off debt, a little bit of extra income can be extremely helpful in becoming debt free faster. But how do you earn more money in your free time?


    Forest Parks

    Starting a blog is great advice but it’s not easy. Takes dedication and a lot of learning! Of course there are always local opportunities if you don’t mind picking up a lawn mower or a squeegee!



    This is a Catch 22 for me because we’re a single-income family (while I finish grad school) and, more often than not, I find that whatever extra income we DO have is used to keep us afloat rather than paying down debt.  Sure, the easy answer would be for me to get a part-time job, but I’m not willing to sacrifice any of my extra spare time.  I’m the mother of two children AND I am student teaching this semester which means any extra time I have is pretty limited.  Therefore, a part-time job (at least from now until my graduation in May) is not really possible.

    With that being said, I’ve vowed to use any extra income I earn from my Thirty-One business and my blog to pay down our credit card debt.  And, to keep me accountable, I will be transferring that money AS SOON AS I GET IT.  Also, I recently started crocheting and I’ve had a few people ask me about selling my scarves, so I plan on using any money earned from that to pay down our debt, too.  Another thing I’ve done in the past is sell my children’s old clothes on eBay…that takes a lot of work, but it’s definitely an easy way to earn some extra income.



    I have been working on selling things.  Some things that I own and no longer need.  Other times shopping around at garage sales and other places for items they have way undervalued that I know I could buy and quickly sell for a profit.




    My employer has strongly encouraged me not to take a part-time job.  What is the best way to earn extra income without taking on a second job.  Our only debt is our mortgage payment on our primary residence and my other home in another state.  I would like to earn $100 a week to help offset our grocery budget which would allow us to save more.


    Jeff Rose
    Key Master

    @ Wendell That is tough! How can your employer prevent you from earning extra money so as long as it doesn’t interfere with your current job? If they strongly discourage you from seeking part-time work can they allow you to work extra hours, take on extra projects, etc?



    Get creative.  There’s lots of odd jobs you could do to earn some extra income.  I brainstormed a pretty big list on my get out of debt blog…some of them are pretty desperate but I didn’t want to leave anything out.



    Ohh, this is an area I’m passionate about. We have an Amazon store where we sell used books… we’ve sold our own crap and made money… we’ve worked side businesses and part-time jobs… pretty much ANYTHING. At the highest I had like 8 “jobs” bringing in money at once, which was hard but worth it! (You can read more about those here.)



    Your ability to make income on the side is only limited by your creativity.  For me I do the following things:

    do graphic design
    consult with others who want to start a website
    I do “get paid to” sites.
    i sell on ebay and craiglist
    my wife makes things to sell on etsy
    my brother roasts his own coffee and sells it to family and friends.
    be on a virtual jury

    The options out there are endless, you just have to do some legwork to find the opportunities. Good luck!


    Mike Collins

    Like many others here, I earn side money with a blog.  I like making money online where there are low barriers to entry and you can get started for next to nothing.  It’s not easy money by any means but when you enjoy it and stick with it there is a lot of potential for profits.



    @Jeff, I don’t want to say too much for fear that I could really upset this person or even his boss if there were to read my comments (I know which is very unlikely but still).    I work for a prominent institution in a very small town.  There are no extra hours.  I am a salaried employee who sometimes has to work nights or weekends.  If I took a job, the feeling is it would look bad on the institution.  This unwritten policy only applies to my area of work because of the high profile position of my work and of those who work with me.



    @debtperception, thanks for the long and great list.  I am hoping that I can use some of these.


    @joan, I will check out your site and your different jobs.


    I greatly appreciate the feedback and help.



    Good luck Wendell!



    I have an Etsy shop and have sold some things on Ebay – I like Etsy much more, their fee structure is more seller-friendly and I feel like for what I sell there (vintage home goods and jewelry), their user base is more highly educated and assigns a higher value to the kind of items I sell.  That said, I’ve made more money selling things on Ebay, even with the higher fees.  But most of what I’ve sold on Ebay has been shoes or niche-interest products that don’t meet Etsy’s criteria for inclusion.



    Creating an article for me is one of the best way to earn money if you have a spare time.

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