How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Getting Out of Debt

Debt smacks you in the face on two levels.

The lesser punch is the financial numbers. They just are what they are.

The bigger punch is the emotional hit people take as their lives are radically altered in ways they never envisioned.

While you are feeling hurt and vulnerable you look for debt relief companies that can help. You have to be aware there are people that will try to sell you just about anything and promise it will make the debt go away.

Many of these people are commissioned sales people or induced to make the sale rather than provide you the best advice.

This recent video of mine provides inside information about how to avoid being scammed when looking for debt help.

About the Author:

Steve Rhode is on a mission to help people get out of debt, through the website. He’s been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, was the money coach on the television show Starting Over and was asked to help people on the Dr. Phil show. Steve has written a number of books and one was named the Washington Post personal finance book of the month.

You can find him on Twitter @GetOutofDebtGuy