Saying “NO!” – Stand Up For Yourself and Your Finances

A recent Debt Movement member emailed me and shared her story about how she struggles to pay off her debt because of her family.

She is the only one that has a good paying job and they always come to her with an open hand. She writes,

“I’m so desperate to pay off my debt but my family constantly asks me for money favors. And since it’s my family, I just can’t tell them “no”.”

If you ever want to become debt free, you have to stick up for yourself.

Doing so requires upsetting some people that you care about and flat out telling them “no”.

Is it going to be hard?  Absolutely!

Here’s a personal story where I had to tell a very close family member “no” and thank goodness I did.

Had I not, I would have been financially ruined.

Do you have family and friends that take advantage of you and your finances?

It’s time to stand up for yourself and tell them “NO!”.

  • Christian Losciale

    I taught myself to say “no” to lending and “yes” to saving. At the same time, i try to practice what I preach and not ask friends to loan me money.

    -Christian L. @ Smart Military Money