The Secret to Motivation on the Rocky Road to Debt Freedom

Finish lineCongrats on joining the Debt Movement!

It’s exciting to be a part of a community that’s aiming towards a goal that will change your life.

The anticipation of debt freedom feels like Christmas morning but there’s a dark side that causes most people to quit before the finish line…


Turning down trips and dinners, spending freezes and cash envelopes is kind of fun at first. You’ve got big goals and great intentions but the excitement can quickly become resentment and questioning the point if it feels like you’re sacrificing everything.

Do you dream of how you would rather spend the cash going towards debt minimums? Good! The secret to motivation is taking those dreams and living as if you’re debt free now!

Debt Movement participants are going to beat the blues by enjoying their lives while getting out of debt!

Here’s exactly how:

1. What will your life look and feel like when you’re debt free?

Get a piece of paper or journal and write out exactly what you want your life to look like when you’re debt free.

Where will you live? How will your relationships feel? What will you do for entertainment? How often will you shop? What kind of vacations will you take? What will you change?

It’s important to understand that going out to dinner, traveling, golf outings and all those gorgeous shoes are an experience you’re seeking that you can create now without going broke or using a credit card.

2. Get a piece of paper and answer this question: How can I create this experience now?

If you want…

  • Relaxing monthly mani/pedis:  Host a spa night at your home with your girlfriends. Have them bring supplies and a snack to pass.
  • Weekly dinners out: Download the menu to your favorite restaurant and surprise your wife with an experience in your kitchen.
  • Your relationship to improve from the stress debt caused: Start taking daily actions to spice it up NOW.
  • A new home: Create the kind of space you’ll love in your current home. Toss some new pillows on your couch or change the old paint in your bedroom.
  • To leave your job or career: Identify how you want to feel in that new business/career. What can you do to create that experience in your current job and work passionately until you move?
  • Guys nights: Have a monthly sports or poker night at your house and have everyone bring beer and snacks.
  • To travel: Create a vacation in the city you live near. Hang at the beach all day, pack a picnic, and get a deal on a hotel for the night.

Motivation comes from enjoying your life NOW and creating the experiences you seek. The journey to debt freedom will not only be a blast, you’ll reach your goal quicker because you won’t have “I hate my life! I want to shop!” setbacks.

How will you create experiences that will be a blast without emptying your wallet?


About the author:

Karie Hill is the Creator of Date Your Dollars, a fun, feminine approach to money for the woman who wants it all. Through coaching, writing and speaking, she teaches women how to align their money with their greatest desires and set the foundation for freedom, deep connection, generosity, radiant beauty and a thriving lifestyle. Visit to get a FREE copy of 25 Powerful Lessons in Abundance, Hustle & Happiness.