Welcome to The Debt Movement

Congratulations for making the first step towards financial freedom!

You’re going to be receiving the exact same information in an email, but it’s that important that I want to include it here, too:

3 Important Steps

Step 1: Track Your Progress

To begin tracking your debts, sign up for a free ReadyForZero account.    ReadyForZero makes it super easy to track your debts and keep you focused on paying it down.

Be sure to sign up for your free account today.

Step 2: Get Control of Your Credit

By joining the Debt Movement, you will be automatically enrolled into The 14-Day Credit Challenge, which will show you the fastest way to raise your credit score, so you can pay off your debt even faster.  If you decide you no longer want this training, you can opt out at anytime.

This program, which usually sells for $997, is being offered for FREE by a good friend of mine Philip Tirone the founder of 720CreditScore.com for all participants of the Debt Movement.

No gimmicks.  No up sells.  Just actionable items that you can start today to improve your overall credit situation.

You do not need to enter any credit card information for this.  The links above are just for information purposes to give you an idea of what the 14-Day Credit Challenge is all about.  You’ll be receiving your first email soon.

Step 3:  Earn Money For Your Hard Efforts

Getting out of debt is tough.  We get it.  Beyond providing tools, resources and motivation, we also want to provide some hard earned cash to give you a jump start towards paying off your debt.

We’ve been able to raise over $15k from our debt sponsors that we’ll be giving away in the form of a Debt Scholarship.

How does it work?  Find out more about our Debt Scholarships and apply today.

How You Can Participate in Our Community

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  • http://www.facebook.com/smm71 Shannon Steuber

    The link for The 14-Day Credit Challenge asks for a credit card to purchase; how do we access the free version?

    • jjeffrose

      @ Shannon You’ll be receiving an email soon inviting you to the 14-Day Credit Challenge. No credit card needed. I enclosed the link so that you could get an idea of what you are actually getting. Sorry for any confusion!

      • http://www.facebook.com/smm71 Shannon Steuber

        Thank you so much Jeff! I am ready to try this to see if I can get moving forward again.